The Tiny Product Manual by Marc Eglon

The Tiny Product Manual

Tiny Products. Massive Impact.


There’s a magical time in any project. It’s a point of unadulterated ideation and it comes right after the flash of genius. It’s like the early nanoseconds of the universe, where the big bang turned raw energy into stuff.

This is how every project begins.

It starts with absolute nothingness.

Then a few neurons fire in a particular way and the atomic component of the idea explodes into existence.

All of the stuff and all the ideas in your world started this way. The books you read, the languages you speak, the music you dance to, the page you’re reading this on, the space shuttle, the atomic bomb. All. Started. Like. This.

Everything starts out tiny.

The Tiny Product Manual helps you turn atomic ideas into tiny products.

And shipping tiny products is the first step to changing the world.

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What's included?

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Start Here (Prelude)
Why I wrote this
People are amazing
How to use this 'manual'
Who is it for?
Ship The Atoms
A Hunch
The iPhone as a Tiny Product
The Execution Gap
The Tiny Product
The Tiny Product
What is a product?
The tiny product formula
The tiny message
Tiny Principles
Start from zero
Manufacture Serendipity
Solve the biggest problem. Repeat.
Watch what people do
What would Joe Rogan do?
Build your Tiny Product Factory